Yahagi America Molding, Inc.

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The History of Yahagi Sangyo Group


1945 Yahagi Sangyo established. Introduced compression equipment.

1946    Yahagi Sangyo became a limited company.

1960    Introduced small scaled injection equipment.

1962    Introduced large scaled injection equipment.

1966    Introduced thermosetting resin injection equipment.

1967    Open Plant No.2.

1970    Ichinomiya Plant completed.

1974    Named as a QC model plant by Nippon Denso.

1975    Tominaga Plant completed.

1976    Yahagi Kanagata Co.,Ltd. established. Introduced precision measurement equipment and tooling microscope.

1981    Hashime Plant completed.

1982    Introduced three-dimensional measurement equipment.

1985    Matsuya Seiko Co.,Ltd. established.

1993    IMEC Co.,Ltd. established.

1994    Incorporated from limited company status.(Yahagi Sangyo Co.,Ltd.)

1998    New head office completed. Unified Tominaga, Hashime and Old head office. (Yahagi Sangyo Co.,Ltd.)

1999    Certified  ISO 9002 (Yahagi Sangyo Co.,Ltd.)

2002 Certified ISO 14001 (Yahagi Sangyo Co.,Ltd.)

2003.1  Yahagi America Molding Inc. established.

2003.6    YAHAGI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. established.

2007.8   Certified ISO 9001:2000 Yahagi America Molding,Inc.