Yahagi America Molding, Inc.

"Quality Excellence: First Time, On Time, Every Time"

Production Manager

Greg Parker

Greg joined the YAMI team in January 2011. He has over 20 years of manufacturing experience.   Greg continues to succeed in his new role as Production Manager and has proven to be a valuable asset to Yahagi.  Please contact Greg with any manufacturing needs you may have.

Phone: (270)749-3000 ext. 103      Cell: (270)670-2097

Fax: (270)749-3001

E-mail: g-parker@e-yami.com

Accounting Associate

Rhonda Houchens

Rhonda joined YAMI in March 2010.  She has over 20 years  of accounting experience with 17 years of that being in  manufacturing. Her diverse background and accounting skills have been a valued asset to YAMI.  Please contact Rhonda for any Accounting related issues.    


Phone: (270)749-3000 ext. 112    

Fax: (270)749-3001

E-mail: mailto:r-houchens@e-yami-com

Human Resource Representative



Lori Edmunds

Lori joined YAMI in September  2010. She has over 19 years of human resources experience within the automotive industry. Her many years of Human Resources experience has been of great value to YAMI. Contact Lori for any human resource, safety, payroll or benefits issues you may have.

Phone: (270)749-3000 ext. 100    Cell: (270)670-5520

Fax: (270)749-3001

E-mail: l-edmunds@e-yami.com


Quality Supervisor


Sara Hornback

Sara joined YAMI in May 2017.  Sara brings to YAMI 25 years of automotive manufacturing experience. Sara has spent 18 of those years committed to Quality. YAMI is very fortunate to have Sara join our YAMI family. Please contact Sara with any quality concerns or questions.

Phone: (270)749-3000 ext. 107        Fax: (270)749-3001

E-Mail: s-hornback@e-yami.com

Production Control Manager


Casey Smith

Casey joined YAMI in October 2017.  Casey has 14 years of production control experience in  automotive manufacturing.  YAMI is very fortunate to have Casey join our YAMI family. Please contact Casey with any shipping, receiving or resin needs.

Phone: (270) 749-3000 ext 114        Fax: (270) 749-3001

E-mail:  c-smith@e-yami.com

Injection Molding Supervisor


Phillip Miller

Phillip joined YAMI in October 2016.  Phillip has  22 years of automotive manufacturing experience of which, 20 years has been in a supervisory role.  YAMI is very fortunate to have Phillip join our YAMI family.  Please contact Phillip with any Injection Molding or Assembly needs.

Phone: (270) 749-3000 ext 114        Fax: (270) 749-3001

E-mail: p-miller@e-yami.com